Dr. Jeffrey Zeller and associates may recommend laser pocket reduction to help manage gum disease and improve your oral health. This laser gum treatment works to remove harmful bacteria and calculus from your tooth roots, halting the progression of gum disease and beginning the process of restoring your oral health. We invite you to call Bridgeport Smiles at 312-291-9283 to schedule your consultation with our dentists and learn more about laser pocket reduction in Chicago, Illinois.

Pocket reduction is designed to eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation in your gums. Sometimes referred to as flap surgery or gingivectomy, this treatment helps prevent further loss of gum and bone tissue as well as potential tooth loss. Pocket reduction can also improve your ability to care for your oral health at home.

Our experienced dentists and team use a soft tissue laser to perform your procedure. We will provide an anesthetic before your treatment to help keep you comfortable, and we will then gently pull back your gums. The laser will then be used to remove bacteria and calculus, and we will provide antibiotics to eliminate any remaining bacteria and help your gums heal after they are placed back into their proper positions.

You may experience some gum and tooth sensitivity after your treatment. This sensitivity should diminish shortly, and you can expect to see improvement in the health of your gums within a few weeks.

Give us a call for more information about laser pocket reduction and to schedule an appointment with our caring dentists!

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